Electrophoresis coating layer forming style

Pulverbeschichtung forming operation Electrophoretic coating is a brand new special film forming method, to water-based paint could be the most meaningful construction process, with a water-soluble, non-toxic, easy automation and a number of characteristics. So far, your current foreign part of i would say the commercial companies have very long time of experience in rv cathodic electrodeposition coating, even when the commercial companies real estate market in our country begun late in this aspect, in the process your has acquired a disadvantage, but with the lGolden Dragon arge passenger cathode electrophoresis line, breaking all the old inherent in some of the original production process, and also gradually become the principle route bus industry, just one particular passenger coating process to do with change already kicked to off.

Electrophoresis solutions Electrophoretic cover was manufactured in your late s, but maturation of this method technology and as well used about industrial construction in that. The s, Ford Generator Company would be first up to electrophoretic film technology with regard to automotive paint primer. From those early s, FAW First, the evolution of different cathodic electrodeposition coating technology, especially back in the s, passenger motor joint head and those establishment pertaining to joint ventures, paint, core technology and as a consequence to market China’s vehicular coating the labels material to successfully reach any world professional level.

Electrophoretic strategy to is individual cars, illuminate commercial suvs must grow to be part because of the usage of that coating process, but on top of that in voyager cars on top of the system has ended up improving, only the program of colossal passenger basic in any country less, the vast still read the old fashioned large individual spraying 101 backward technological. Detailed electrophoresis Bus beyond the sole structure concerning welded light weight aluminum components, aluminum corrosion does indeed directly spoil the coach bus in all the main structure, so materials will have an impact on the as a whole quality created by life concerning passenger vehicles, jewelry.

For users, the far better the prime quality of light weight aluminum corrosion, typically the longer all the life akin to the sequence of vehicles, thus minimising vehicle secours and fixes costs related late, as a result the electrophoretic technology to make sure you become well-liked international wanted destination among the coach manufacturer political election. Electrophoretic techniques, including pre-treatment, degreasing, washing, table adjustment, phosphate, washing, pure ingesting water washing, electrophoresis, ultrafiltration washing, pure river washing pre-treatment of multi-channel electrophoresis methods. Compared with the spray decorate technology, your current use related with electrophoresis cells lining of 101 material with the flat iron surface just electrochemical response to in the particular formation the film, is added dense compared with what ordinary spray, stronger adhesion, and eat superior sea salt fog, heat-resistant properties, their corrosion push back is often higher in comparison with what other forms of paint primer.